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Youth Outreach Program

The Youth Outreach Program at Mid Shore Behavioral Health, Inc. provides substance use education, intervention, peer support and resources for care. This program serves youth in the five mid-shore counties (Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot). Youth who qualify for the program show signs of substance use disorder, live in a high-risk home, are at risk for substance use disorder, or are resistant to traditional services. The program’s success is based on a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist building relationships with youth, assessing the needs of the individual, and creating a coordinated plan for assistance. Additionally, the program connects youth and families to services and resources available within their community.

Refer a Youth:

Upload the referral form and consent form.

After completing, send both the referral and consent forms to: yoc@midshorebehavioralhealth.org



To learn more about this program, contact: 


Ashley Strazza, Youth Outreach Coordinator at 410.770.4801  x310 or

Ann Simpers, LCPC, Behavioral Health Coordinator, SOR and OOCC at 410.770.4801 x323.

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