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Kevin Hines: Art of Wellness Video Series

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Month , Mid Shore Behavioral Health, Inc., Channel Marker, and Anne Arundel County’s Department of Health and Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency are released the “Kevin Hines: The Art of Wellness” video series. This seven-part series features Kevin Hines sharing his story of long-term struggle with mental health leading to his suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge. In each video, Hines provides mental health tips and information, followed by a panel of local behavioral health experts discussing resources for mental health. 

Click on the links below to watch all seven of the Kevin Hines: Art of Wellness Video Series.


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Watch the Art of Wellness Video Series

First Responders.png

First Responders

Older Adults.png

Older Adults

Family Perspective.png

The Family Perspective

Youth & Adolescents.png

Youth & Adolescents

General Community.png

The General Community


The Veteran Community

Male Perspective.png

Men & The Male Perspective

About the Kevin Hines Video Series

In spring of 2020,  local behavioral health organizations from the mid-shore and Anne Arundel counties hosted a a free video series entitled Kevin Hines: The Art of Wellness. The seven-part series targeted first responders, youth and adolescents, older adults, the general community, families impacted by suicide, veterans, and individuals who identify as male. 


Kevin Hines is an award-winning filmmaker who survived a suicide attempt after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and lives by his motto, #BeHereTomorrow. More about Kevin Hines is at

The Kevin Hines: The Art of Wellness free video series is made possible through funding from the Behavioral Health Administration and with the sponsor support of Anne Arundel County Department of Health, Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency, Channel Marker Mental Health and Wellness Support, and Mid Shore Behavioral Health, Inc.

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