The Caliber Awards is an annual event honoring the work of local organizations and individuals for their contributions to the public behavioral health system in the mid-shore region. Four (4) main awards are presented, including: Achieving Excellence through Effective Programming, Achieving Excellence through the Empowerment of Consumers, Achieving Excellence through Interagency and Community Collaboration, and Lifetime Achievement.  Special Recognitions are also awarded.

SAVE THE DATE: 2021 Caliber Awards

Friday, May 21, 2021

Nominations were due by Friday, April 30

2020 Caliber Award Winners

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Effective Programming:                   Loge Knight, Desiree Jefferson, His Hope Haven 

Empowerment of Consumers:       Dudley and Anna Parr, Overflow Cafe

Interagency Collaboration:             Local Care Team (All Counties)


Mary Beth Brennaman Award:      Bernadette Townsend

Lifetime Achievement:                    Joan Smith

Lifetime of Achievement:                Debbye Jackson 


Catch the replay of the 22nd Caliber Awards Ceremony

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2019 Caliber Award Winners


Effective Programming:                   Lynn Gurley, Eastern Shore Crisis Response Services

Empowerment of Consumers:       Augustine Cook, Maryland Coalition of Families

Interagency Collaboration:             Cambridge Police Department

      Latasha Nichols, District Court for Dorchester County

Mary Beth Brennaman Award:      Jenny Jarrell, For All Seasons, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement:                    Valerie Albee, Mariah's Mission

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2018 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                   Circlebuild

Empowerment of Consumers:       Edwin Gibbs, Havens Ministries Resource Center

Interagency Collaboration:              Prison Yoga Project

                                                             Jeanine Beasley, Mid Shore Behavioral Health, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement:                     Andrew Pons, A.F. Whitsitt Center

Effective Programming:                   Affiliated Sante Group - Crisis Intervention Team Program
Empowerment of Consumers:       Caroline County Detention Center
Interagency Collaboration:             For All Seasons, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement:                     Gwen Rodney, Kent Center, Inc.

                                                            Mona Carey, Dorchester County School-Based Wellness

2016 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                    Talbot County Department of Corrections

Empowerment of Consumers:         Alisha Saulsbury, For All Seasons

Interagency Collaboration:              Talbot County Dept. of Social Services ‘Empower Me’ Program 


Lifetime Achievement:                      Connie Pullen, Eastern Shore Psychological Services

                                                             John Winslow, DRI-Dock / Dorchester Addictions

2015 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                     Caroline County Circuit Court, Samantha Parker and Francis Doran
Empowerment of Consumers:          Mid-Shore ACT Team / Mobile Treatment
Interagency Collaboration:                Brad Engel, Queen Anne’s County Public Schools

Lifetime Achievement:                       Kathy Wright, Queen Anne’s County Health Department - Addictions

Special Recognition:                          Brian Hepburn, Behavioral Health Administration

Effective Programming:                      Affiliated Santé Group’s Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis Team
Empowerment of Consumers:          Sharon Dundon, Shore Regional Medical Center
Interagency Collaboration:                Sgt. Louis Nichols, Cambridge Police Department

Lifetime Achievement:                        Timothy Haynes, Department of Juvenile Services

Special Recognition:                           Addie Eckardt, Maryland State Delegate, District 37

2013 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                    For All Seasons, Inc.  After-Care Group
Empowerment of Consumers:         Michael Bargiband, Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans
Interagency Collaboration:               Judge Karen A. Murphy Jensen, Caroline County Circuit Court

Lifetime Achievement:                      Mike Campbell, Caroline County Mental Health Clinic 

Effective Programming:                       Crossroads Community, Inc.

Empowerment of Consumers:            DRI-DOCK Recovery and Wellness Center
Interagency Collaboration:                  Affiliated Sante Group's Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis Teams

Lifetime Achievement:                         Dr. Judith Hegarty

2011 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                      Dorchester Recovery Initiative

Empowerment of Consumers:           Kent County Behavioral Health Residental Crisis Services
Interagency Collaboration:                 Caroline County Mental Health Clinic

Lifetime Achievement:                         Dr. George Rever