The Caliber Awards is an annual event honoring the work of local organizations and individuals for their contributions to the public behavioral health system in the mid-shore region. Four (4) main awards are presented, including: Achieving Excellence through Effective Programming, Achieving Excellence through the Empowerment of Consumers, Achieving Excellence through Interagency and Community Collaboration, and Lifetime Achievement.  Special Recognitions are also awarded.

Lifetime Achievement Awards
    Dina Daly                          Dale Oberender

Child & Adolecent Award

      Rachel Stoyanov

Forensic Mental Health Awards  

      Bill Rhodes

Angela Ricketts-Murray

     Colleen Kennedy

       Jenna Haines

   Stephanie Hewitt

Roundtable on Homelessness Awards

  Cindi Boone

   Lynn Keckler

Effective Programming Award

Tina Marie-Brown

Affiliated Sante Child & Adolescent Program

Interagency and Community Collaboration Award

Kent County START

Mary Beth Brennaman Awards

Rosalind Hynson

Kathy Langrell


Special Recognition Awards

Omeaka Jackson

Colleen Kennedy

The Honorabel Savannah Winston

Linda Austin

Dr. Derek Simmons

Nicole Fisher

Cara Calloway

Unsung Hero Awards

Shirelle Brooks

Beth Brewster

Eric Knapp

Katie Theeke

Heather Brown

Joe Jones

Empowerment of Consumers Awards

Cara Calloway

Megan Pinder

Stirling Ward

Kawanna Webb

Rob Schmidt

Vandrick Hamlin

Watch the video recording of the 23rd Annual Caliber Awards here. 

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2020 Caliber Award Winners

Channel Marker Debbye Jackson.jpg

Effective Programming:                   Loge Knight, Desiree Jefferson, His Hope Haven 

Empowerment of Consumers:       Dudley and Anna Parr, Overflow Cafe

Interagency Collaboration:             Local Care Team (All Counties)


Mary Beth Brennaman Award:      Bernadette Townsend

Lifetime Achievement:                    Joan Smith

Lifetime of Achievement:                Debbye Jackson 


Catch the replay of the 22nd Caliber Awards Ceremony

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2019 Caliber Award Winners


Effective Programming:                   Lynn Gurley, Eastern Shore Crisis Response Services

Empowerment of Consumers:       Augustine Cook, Maryland Coalition of Families

Interagency Collaboration:             Cambridge Police Department

      Latasha Nichols, District Court for Dorchester County

Mary Beth Brennaman Award:      Jenny Jarrell, For All Seasons, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement:                    Valerie Albee, Mariah's Mission

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2018 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                   Circlebuild

Empowerment of Consumers:       Edwin Gibbs, Havens Ministries Resource Center

Interagency Collaboration:              Prison Yoga Project

                                                             Jeanine Beasley, Mid Shore Behavioral Health, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement:                     Andrew Pons, A.F. Whitsitt Center

Effective Programming:                   Affiliated Sante Group - Crisis Intervention Team Program
Empowerment of Consumers:       Caroline County Detention Center
Interagency Collaboration:             For All Seasons, Inc.

Lifetime Achievement:                     Gwen Rodney, Kent Center, Inc.

                                                            Mona Carey, Dorchester County School-Based Wellness

2016 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                    Talbot County Department of Corrections

Empowerment of Consumers:         Alisha Saulsbury, For All Seasons

Interagency Collaboration:              Talbot County Dept. of Social Services ‘Empower Me’ Program 


Lifetime Achievement:                      Connie Pullen, Eastern Shore Psychological Services

                                                             John Winslow, DRI-Dock / Dorchester Addictions

2015 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                     Caroline County Circuit Court, Samantha Parker and Francis Doran
Empowerment of Consumers:          Mid-Shore ACT Team / Mobile Treatment
Interagency Collaboration:                Brad Engel, Queen Anne’s County Public Schools

Lifetime Achievement:                       Kathy Wright, Queen Anne’s County Health Department - Addictions

Special Recognition:                          Brian Hepburn, Behavioral Health Administration

Effective Programming:                      Affiliated Santé Group’s Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis Team
Empowerment of Consumers:          Sharon Dundon, Shore Regional Medical Center
Interagency Collaboration:                Sgt. Louis Nichols, Cambridge Police Department

Lifetime Achievement:                        Timothy Haynes, Department of Juvenile Services

Special Recognition:                           Addie Eckardt, Maryland State Delegate, District 37

2013 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                    For All Seasons, Inc.  After-Care Group
Empowerment of Consumers:         Michael Bargiband, Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans
Interagency Collaboration:               Judge Karen A. Murphy Jensen, Caroline County Circuit Court

Lifetime Achievement:                      Mike Campbell, Caroline County Mental Health Clinic 

Effective Programming:                       Crossroads Community, Inc.

Empowerment of Consumers:            DRI-DOCK Recovery and Wellness Center
Interagency Collaboration:                  Affiliated Sante Group's Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis Teams

Lifetime Achievement:                         Dr. Judith Hegarty

2011 Caliber Award Winners

Effective Programming:                      Dorchester Recovery Initiative

Empowerment of Consumers:           Kent County Behavioral Health Residental Crisis Services
Interagency Collaboration:                 Caroline County Mental Health Clinic

Lifetime Achievement:                         Dr. George Rever

2021 Caliber Award Winners