Behavioral Health Coalition of the Mid-Shore

The Behavioral Health Coalition seeks to bring together community leaders to address the behavioral health needs of individuals, families, and providers in the mid shore region with our local legislators. Coalition efforts are focused on improving access and service delivery, destigmatization, and increasing awareness. Each year, the Behavioral Health Coalition hosts an annual Legislative Forum for Behavioral Health, inviting local government officials and Delegation from the 36th and 37th Districts to attend. 
Behavioral Health Coalition Partners

Maryland Coalition of Families

Mental Health Association of the Eastern Shore

Chesapeake Voyagers, Inc.

For All Seasons, Inc.,

Channel Marker, Inc.

Corsica River Mental Health Services

Crossroads Community, Inc.

Affiliated Santé Group’s Eastern Shore Crisis Response

Eastern Shore Psychological Services

Recovery for Shore

Local Health Departments

To join the Coalition, please contact:


Laura Pollard, Marketing and Events Specialist
410.770.4801 ext 302

Mission: To Promote Mental Wellness and Behavioral Health with Education and Advocacy.

For more information, contact: 410.822.0444 or visit

Defeating Stigma


The Defeating Stigma Coalition has merged with the Behavioral Health Coalition with the goal to raise community awareness of mental illness and work to defeat stigma in the region through local events and initiatives.

For Stigma Event Partnerships,

please contact:


Meg Border, Behavioral Health Coordinator

410.770.4801 ext 322

Behavioral Health Coalition of the Mid Shore's Legislative Priorities 

2018 Legislative Priorities

2017 Legislative Priorities

2016 Legislative Priorities

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